Beaudaddy's Tribute to Harvey Fuqua "Mr. Quaz"

I met Harvey at a Smokey concert in 2003.  I recognized him coming from backstage to the sound board (where he sang bass for Smokey that night).  I introduced myself to him and after the concert he escorted my family backstage to meet Smokey in his dressing room.  We spent about 5 minutes talking and taking pictures with these two hall of fame inductees.    During our friendship I communicated with him by email and worked on this website for him.  He was amazed that I would want to do something like this for him and gave me permission to create these pages. I remained friends with Harvey until he passed.

My friend, Harvey Fuqua "got on up outta here"....... in Detroit on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 from coronary problems after a brief illness. - Tommy Mitchell

In October of 2013, I moved this website to a blog.  Please feel free to comment and add your knowledge and story about Harvey.

Harvey Fuqua and Tommy Mitchell - 2003
Smokey Concert

Tommy Mitchell and Harvey Fuqua - 2007
Cool Bobby B Convention - Las Vegas

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  1. My dad, was and is the greatest, from Harvey 3 & ( grandkids, Harvey 4, Gianna, Lakisha and gujwonde), and beat goes on.